Monday Photos: Australian Superlatives

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SURFING Senior Photographer Corey Wilson has been in Australia for a long time. Long enough to understand the color-coded Australian dollar. Long enough to hug a a koala bear and maybe say “reckon” out loud, like, to other people. Long enough to know the difference between a good pie and an average pie — too long, perhaps. During his very long stint in Oz, Corey’s shot two hand’s full of gorgeous photos. Those gorgeous photos are above and below, you’ll find a bout of superlatives with Corey. Because, you know, we were curious.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen?
Mick Fanning getting kicked out of Komune Bar for eating nachos in the kitchen, then the police driving him home for getting kicked out. He even made the police stop at Kirra Bakery for a pie on the way home.

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen?
An 8 foot long shark getting stuck on a sandbar at south straddie and not able to move until the tide came in.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve seen?
Kyuss King almost stepping on a brown snake in Byron Bay. Papa king came running to the rescue and chopped its head off with a shovel.

Who is the happiest person you’ve met?
Bear Cummings. He thinks the entire world is DisneyLand.

What’s the best session you’ve shot?
A few nights ago at D-bah. Jordy Smith was surfing incredible! He landed the biggest air I’ve ever seen. After the session, he went up to every filmer on the beach and bought the footage so that nobody would post the videos online. About $1600 bucks came out of his pocket that day.