All Photos And Captions: Morgan Maassen
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With Slow Dance finally finished, Craig Anderson was in dire need of a vacation. We booked tickets to Mexico in an attempt to get very far away from the editing bay. However, it was only upon arrival that Ando realized just what he was in for. Role call for the trip included Taylor Knox and Dane Reynolds, who were dissecting power surfing both in and out of the water, and young Noa Deane, a tour-de-force of the most raw, energetic surfing since Dane burst on to the scene years ago. The swell was pumping and the right pointbreaks were firing — so the crew checked back into the office and surfed harder, faster and stronger than any other trip I’ve been on. Ando took it slow at first, being indifferent to only surfing right pointbreaks, but when a mysterious beach break started firing on all cylinders, his undying love for the barrel shone ever-so-brightly. —Morgan Maassen