Photos: Bryan Soderlind. Captions: Sterling Spencer
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People always ask each other, “Why hasn’t Sterling Spencer made another movie yet? He’s currently the number one surfer in the world!” Well, like the late Skip Frye once said, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Sterling Spencer, the most brilliant man in surfing, has embarked on a brand new journey. A journey that shows how handsome he really is. Sterling has so much money and is out to prove to the surfing world [and The Beatles] that money does make you happy. First leg of the journey, Sterling meets up with 7-time Puerto Rican Champion Dylan Graves! Dylan is 5’2″, loves long walks on the beach and sushi! With these two moguls of the sport on deck, let’s sit back and admire their bodies. Two champions, one island, pure Gold. —Sterling Spencer

All photos are from Puerto Rico for the filming of Sterling Spencer’s new movie, Gold.