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It takes a whole lotta good surfing and maybe a touch of grease to reach surfing’s elite Top 10 on the WCT. No matter what, if you made it here, you’re getting some kind of sponsor bonus and can enjoy the holidays properly, knowing you had a damn fine 2013. Here’s a quick highlight reel of freesurf photos to mark the occasion. —Jimmicane

10. John Florence
Best Result: 2nd, Billabong Pipe Masters
Lowpoint: Ankle injury on the Gold Coast during an Expression Session. Missed next two events.
Reason to be happy: Saved the best for last, winning the Triple Crown, runner up at Pipe and only losing to a man possessed in Kelly Slater.
Reason to be bummed: You’re John John Florence. The most paid and popular surfer other than Kelly. World Championships are your goal, not Top 10.

9. Josh Kerr
Best Result: 3rd, Oakley Pro Bali
Lowpoint: 25th, Quik Pro France
Reason to be happy: After a cocky-turned-humbling start on the WCT, Kerrzy has really proved himself a threat at every tour stop. This is his third straight year finishing in the Top 10.
Reason to be bummed: Still never won an event. Isn’t the best aerialist on tour anymore.

8. Nat Young
Best Result: 2nd, Rip Curl Pro Bells/Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Lowpoint: 25th Billabong Pro Teahupo’o/Quik Pro France
Reason to be happy: You’re the Rookie of the Year!
Reason to be bummed: You’re still relatively low on the Hurley totem pole despite outperforming everyone not named Julian

7. Kai Otton
Best Result: 1st Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Lowpoint: Four 13ths
Reason to be happy: After battling to stay on tour most of your career, you won an event and shut up tons of haters in the process.
Reason to be bummed: Chances are this is the best year you’ll ever have.

6. Julian Wilson
Best Result: 2nd, Hurley Pro Lowers
Lowpoint: A string of three 13ths from Bells to Fiji
Reason to be happy: You just seem to keep getting better and have become a fixture in the Top 10. A World Title is a reasonable goal.
Reason to be bummed: Ryan Gosling is more handsome.

5. Taj Burrow
Best Result: 1st, Hurley Pro Lowers
Lowpoint: 25th at the Billabong Pro Teahupo’o, freesurf sessions leading up to the Hurley Pro.
Reason to be happy: You’re rich, famous and one of the most admired surfers in history. You’re still a threat to win any given event.
Reason to be bummed: You will be known for a long time as the best to never win a title, but really that’s not too bad cause you lived and enjoyed it more than most.

4. Jordy Smith
Best Result: 1st, Billabong Pro Rio
Lowpoint: 13th, Oakley Pro Bali (an event he was expected to win)
Reason to be happy: You look like you’re finally having fun and are unquestionably the best performance surfer in the game.
Reason to be bummed: Events in epic barrels are never going to be an advantage and you missed a year in Hawaii because of an injury which some question the realness of.

3. Joel Parkinson
Best Result: 1st, Oakley Pro Bali
Lowpoint: World Title hangover most of the year.
Reason to be happy: You got to watch your best mate knock off Slater for the title and didn’t have the pressure of having to stop him in the semi-finals at Pipe.
Reason to be bummed: Those young guys are getting better.

2. Kelly Slater
Best Result: 1st, Quik Pro Gold Coast/Volcom Pro Fiji/Billabong Pipe Masters
Lowpoint: 25th, Rip Curl Pro Portugal when you needed it most.
Reason to be happy: When the waves were best, you know you are still the best and only the judges could keep you from winning your 12th.
Reason to be bummed: Smaller wave dominance is just not what it used to be. Kids like John, Julian, Filipe and Gabriel have an advantage in bad surf.

1. Mick Fanning
Best Result: 1st, Quik Pro France
Lowpoint: What is a lowpoint?
Reason to be happy: You’re the fifth surfer ever to reach three World Titles and you just got straight paid dog!
Reason to be bummed: Did you really get a 9.7 on that?