Monday Photos: Jordy Smith In Mozambique

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All Photos: Ryan Miller

Issue 6 2014“What I want is to win a World Title. That’s something nobody can take away from me. Once a world champion, always a world champion.” That’s what Jordy Smith told Ryan Miller on a training trip to Mozambique at the start of this year. The trip became the cover story of SURFING’s latest issue and we went out on a limb and pegged Jordy as a favorite to win the 2014 title. It was Jordy’s Turn, we said…then he got last place on the Gold Coast. While that’s no way to start a dynasty, Jordy has since rebounded with a 5th place at Margaret River and a so-far, so-good showing at Bells. It might still be his year — have you seen his turn?

Read the full interview in SURFING Magazine Issue 6, 2014.