Monday Photos: Miller’s Africa

All Photos And Captions: Ryan Miller
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I absolutely love South Africa. Most places you go are either First World or Third World, and there's rarely a true mix of both. But South Africa is wild because it has pockets of great infrastructure in the middle of this crazy Third World country. And it's not just tourist infrastructure like in Bali or something — but real infrastructure for the locals. Great roads, great government offices, electricity, plumbing. The contrast is amazing. And there's some really cool shit there. The food rivals that of any major metropolitan area anywhere in the world — I had the best filet mignon of my life for $11. And of course, the waves are great. So when Julian invited me to go and stay with him for the Mr. Price Pro Ballito and hang around for a few weeks, I was stoked. I definitely wasn't going to say no to South Africa. —Ryan Miller