Monday Photos: Misfits

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We, at SURFING Magazine, are spoiled. Each and every day, our inboxes flood with pings of A+ images. We are bombarded and as a result, we are left with a surplus. So we pin this surplus to top dog Taylor Paul’s office wall and sit, like spoiled brats, and we sip aged Scotch whiskey and we judge. Sip by sip, photos are torn from the wall and laid facedown on Taylor’s carpeted floor with very little remorse. Some of these neglected photos are simply not good enough to keep pace with the rest. But others? They get clipped because they didn’t support the words, or because we decided to use a different image of a certain surfer, or because they just couldn’t find a home. They are not rejects; they are misfits. And on this Monday, October 7th, we give the misfit’s their day. Long live print, and long live the photos which she pitilessly abandons. —Brendan Buckley