Monday Photos: Philippines

All Photos: Duncan Macfarlane
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March IssueOuttakes from our March 2014 Issue.

Every surf trip is a gamble. But with a strike mission — chasing a specific swell or storm — at least you know the dice are loaded in your favor. SURFING Magazine did back-to-back strikes to the Philippines this past fall, chasing typhoons and the highs and lows they leave in their wake. Dylan Graves and Koa Smith enjoyed the bounty of waves pushed in by Typhoon Lekima, and two weeks later Jon Rose and photographer DJ Struntz went on a Waves for Water disaster relief mission to help in the aftermath of super Typhoon Haiyan. Above are extra photos from the first strike with Dylan and Koa. To read about both trips, pick up a copy of our March 2014 Issue. And be sure to watch for the full video edit from their trip later this week on