Monday Photos: Ryan Craig’s Northern Studio

Photos And Captions: Ryan Craig
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Ryan Craig has been on the surf photography radar since his first stint as a finalist for the Follow the Light Foundation back in 2008. He’s always been a tireless worker and never scared to swim in some of the gnarliest waves on the planet, but during the Hawaii season of 2011 I feel like it all really clicked for the guy they call “Chachi.” He sent over a batch of photos I would put up against anyone’s during that same time period. We were impressed.

Since then, other than a short spell at TransWorld before they were shut down, it’s been a non-stop barrage of emails filled with photo gold from all over the world. Ryan is easily one of our most valuable contributors and someone we can count on to nail any possible shot, zero holes in his game.

This past season in Hawaii he was a man on a mission, ready to prove to the world that his work could stand up against anyone’s and hopefully score one of the limited staff roles in the industry. But, after an 8-hour session shooting Pipeline on Black Friday, disaster struck. Ryan and his girlfriend were nailed by a car while riding their bike home along the Kam Highway. Both were hospitalized with serious injuries. Ryan’s ACL was torn, as were his dreams of swimming his ass off, shooting Pipe and Backdoor for the next month.

As of today, Chachi’s still waiting to get surgery and somehow hasn’t missed a beat being crippled by the injury. Getting cleaned up on a boogieboard while shooting the Mav's contest, swimming out to the sharky reefs north of Santa Cruz with basically one leg, and making a point to be at every notable session around his home region… The guy is unstoppable!

Here’s a small sample of his recent work that we at SURFING absolutely adore. –Jimmicane