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Want to know the difference between a regular contest and a Volcom contest? Everything. The Nascar-themed Totally Crustaceous championships were held at Newport Beach over the weekend and not a (Volcom) stone was left unturned. Not one race car driving cliche left unexplored. Not one neck left pale. It was fantastic, and so was the surfing. 54th Street delivered a waist-to-chest-high fast track for the event and passing was not only allowed, but encouraged. Three days of competition saw many a driver come and go, but the podium is a lonely place. In the end, it wasn’t Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnheardt Jr. or even Ricky Bobby who’d taste the sweet champagne. It was…

1 Cam Richards
2 Yago Dora
3 Jake Kelley
4 Taylor Curran

1 Griffin Colapinto
2 Kei Kobayashi
3 Noah Collins
4 Jake Marshall

1 Eithan Osborne
2 Mateus Herdy
3 Tyler Gunter
4 Macro Mignot

1 Dax McGill
2 Shelby Detmers
3 Summer Macedo
4 Ashely Held

1 Jett Schilling
2 Eli Hanneman
3 Ocean Macedo
4 Jackson Brunch

Expression Session

1 Cam Richards
2 Mason Ho
3 Dylan Graves
4 Finn McGill
5 Gavin Beschen
6 Balaram Stack