Monday Photos: Hurricane Iselle

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All Photos: Brent Bielmann

You know how they say the rich only get richer? This is kind of similar. Hawaii is one of the wealthiest places in the world in terms of swell. In the winter, dark bastards of storms send thundering walls of water down from the land of the cold. In the summer, storms in the South Pacific mail care baskets of swell to the islands’ south shores with some regularity. And, the icing on the cake, they get hurricane swells — you know, the pride and joy of a swell-impoverished place like the East Coast. It’s almost unfair, like a rich man winning the lottery, except this particular lottery involved taking a beating from a tropical storm that was once a Category 4. Her name was Hurricane Iselle and here are some photos of Albee Layer, Koa Smith and Matt Meola enjoying her company before hunkering down. Oh, to be elite…