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Fisheye Photos: Brent Bielmann // GoPro Photos: Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh and I were in Indo to shoot a new line of Body Glove trunks and saw a good swell coming. Knowing that Bali would be crowded, we took a few ferries overnight to Sumbawa. We were planning on surfing one of the more popular waves over there, but ended up finding this slab just up the reef. It was away from everyone else and absolutely perfect. I tied all the new trunks to my dive belt and put it on my waist. It was pretty funny — I was swimming like a sloth with that thing, but it hardly mattered because the wave was so perfect. He would catch a wave, we’d link up, then swim out the back and swap for a new pair of trunks. It was the perfect fisheye studio. I would have tried a few more interesting angles but we got the job done. Walshy is a tube pig, but he makes it all look too easy. —Brent Bielmann