Happy Ending: Quiet Noise

ASP World Tour Even Jefferys Bay, South AfricaKolohe Andino and John John Florence. Photo: DJ Struntz

Sometimes, the loudest things don’t make much of a noise.

The best stories can get overlooked while the petty ones are told from atop a mountain. Real, raw narratives about life are passed by while a stray kitty cat somehow finds its way onto Good Morning America. An average 20-something has no idea what’s happening in Israel but they can recite the top 27 texts of all time with ease. Thanks a ton, Buzz Feed. Dicks.

We see it in surfing too. What will people remember from J-Bay? Mick Fanning’s beautiful carve? Joel Parkinson’s 10? Tom Curren’s 10? No, probably Jeremy Flores’ freakout. Sad and true. Meanwhile, plenty of stories were never even told. The sometimes quiet, sometimes obvious rivalry between John John Florence and Kolohe Andino is one such story. They’re the same age. They’ve both been through the megaphone of American hype. And they both surf exceptionally well. Here they are sharing a wave at Jeffreys. Remember it.