Happy Ending: Salutations

2Q3Z2839 2Jake Halstead. Photo: Peter Taras

There’s something about a sunset.

And no. Not something romantic like how its red and orange and sometimes purple seize a woman’s eye in just the perfect way. Not something figurative, poetic or puddly on how it marks a beginning and an end simultaneously. Not a metaphor. Something else. Something less explicable.

Sunsets, by virtue, are a daily occurrence. Like dew drying from grass or Bede Durbidge eating a hardboiled egg with salt and ketchup (he loves, I swear) -- the kind of shit we ignore. But sunsets somehow demand our attention and often times our Instagrams. Which is substantially better than posting a photo of dry grass or Bede’s famous egg face. Well maybe not the egg face.

Sunsets, though. Why?

The world may never know. But if nothing else, at least they give Jake Halstead and Peter Taras some color. And that’s worth celebrating. It is, after all, Friday.