Happy Ending: The Art Of The Selfie

MikeyBrunoe_winter2014-15_BrentBielmann038a 2Mikey Bruneau. Photo: Brent Bielmann

You could call it self-documentation.

But nobody does. Everybody calls it a selfie. Everybody calls it a selfie because everybody is guilty of doing it. That girl you went to high school with, who then moved to Los Angeles and became an Instagram model? Selfie queen. That guy you went to high school with, who then moved absolutely nowhere but started wearing fancy-people clothes? The king himself. Wesley Snipes? Sure. Taylor Swift? Absolutely. Kim Jong Un? Eh, maybe not, but that’s only cause filters haven’t yet made it into the hermit kingdom.

And then, of course, there are surfers. Ohhh are there surfers. They love a good selfie. In the water, out of the water, near the water, underwater, drinking water, etc. Here we see Mikey Bruneau crushing a selfie at Pipe. Self-documentation at its very finest.