Happy Ending: Sorry

_CW01074-1000Griffin Colapinto and Nick Hdez. Photo: Corey Wilson

We don’t condone burning people.

Not strangers at least. Unless they’re riding a SUP, longboard, wavestorm, boogieboard, wavejet, or are a celebrity, or have a stupid face, or a really bad goatee. You still technically shouldn’t burn any of those people -- besides celebrities, you always burn celebrities -- but any incident would be reviewed in a case-by-case basis.

Now, when it comes to burning your friends…You shouldn’t burn your friends. But you shouldn’t not. There’s something very sacred in the art of taking what’s his and making it your own. The defiance, the thrill. And there are so many ways to do it. There’s the old I’m doing this because look how funny! technique. The always reliable You’re my friend and I know you’re not going to fight me, so I’m just blatantly going in front of you method. The fickle, yet occasionally successful swindle of pawning it off as “sharing.” Classic catfishing.

No matter which technique you employ, which ideology you subscribe to, the result is always the same: You win. And as we see in this photo of Nic Hdez (winning) and Griffin Colapinto (not), there’s something very forgivable about that.