Happy Ending: The Last SUP’er

Happy Ending: The Last SUP'erFilipe Toledo. Photo: Jimmicane

Kelly Slater never had a say in the recession and subsequent demise of his hairline. Jessica Alba didn't just one day decide to be adorable, just like Taco Bell didn’t nominate themselves the undisputed meal of choice for men and women who are too drunk to spell or pronounce Mississippi — but hey, they've all seemed to do just fine in handling their fate.

On the other hand, surfing is a choice. And not the kind of choice in which there's an obvious socially favored answer, like, "Should I bathe today?” (Nah, I'm good). It's more of a personal choice. One that you can rightfully accept or deny without directly affecting anyone besides yourself.

Thankfully, we have the privilege to choose a lot of things in this strange, beautiful world — with the exception of death, taxes, and Adriano throwing his arms up after everything over a 6.5. We can choose what to wear in the morning, whether to hop on stage and sing karaoke at our local dive, or to add in some sacred guacamole at Chipotle (Two bucks, really? Cool, well I’m going to fill my water cup with Sprite and steal some napkins on the way out. We'll call it even).

Surfing, like most of these things, is a choice that's solely up to you.

So let it be known that there's no shame in how you surf or what you ride or even completely disliking the sport in general — not sure why you're here if that’s the case, but hey, thanks for the click. Enjoy free will and decide to do whatever you want.

Just, uhh, let us suggest that maybe you don’t SUP through a perfectly good photo of Filipe Toledo at Lakey Peak. —Dayton Silva