140110_he_MattClark2The Lonely Giant. Photo: Matt Clark

In 2013, the Atlantic Basin experienced its least active hurricane season in over thirty years. There were thirteen named storms but none of them were major. None of them were memorable. “It’s just like the Melissa swell out here!” will never be squawked by an excited grom in Satellite Beach, Florida. “Hmm. Not quite as good as Barry,” will never be grumbled by the saltiest dog in Rye, New Hampshire. Frankly, nothing will ever be said about any of 2013’s named storms.

But last year, The Weather Channel started naming winter storms. Yes it’s tacky, and sure it’s annoying, but like Kanye West, it’s not going anywhere. We just have to make do. Last week, a cold bastard of a system swept across the US and TWC dubbed it “Hercules.” That’s right, Hercules, the dude from Greek Mythology that used to go around kicking ass, taking names, tickling bitches and eating bushel upon bushel of the juiciest grapes. The storm tried giving half the nation hypothermia and dumped feet of snow on its freezing foes. But, cruel as the beast was, it also gave the East Coast the gift of waves.

This week’s Happy Ending comes from New York’s Matt Clark. Matt shot this perfect left in the midst of the storm’s wintery wrath and it’s a moment worth remembering. Thanks a lot, umm, Hercules. —Brendan Buckley