The Making of Year Zero

Year Zero

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Last year the future arrived and the world did not explode. No apocalypse. No horsemen. The "end of days" turned out to be a regular old Tuesday. So we're going surfing again. Around the globe, in search of a place that may or may not exist. And we'll take you with us as this project unfolds in the pages of SURFING and here, at You will see every crew. Every expedition. Every success and every failure."I've never been more excited about a project," Mr. G told me during one of our many lunches regarding the project. And looking at his resume — Secret Machine, Electric Blue Heaven, Year Zero —you should be excited too.

[Sigh…] Year Zero. The all-film, all-time surf movie that swept us off our feet last year. So good. We wanted more and we're sure you did too and so, in honor of the first phase of our next project with Joe and Globe, we're looking back at one of our favorite surf films of all time. Call it the making of. Call it behind the scenes. Call it stuff that was too good to not share. Call it what you will, but it is never-before-seen photos, new footage and interviews with the mastermind himself, Joe G. And it's all packaged in the future of content for Because before we can create tomorrow, we must tip our hats to yesterday. —Taylor Paul