Happy Ending: The Terror

_CW01582 2Eithan Osborne and Stevie Pittman, the terror in Samoa. Photo: Corey Wilson

Surfing is a funny thing.

It’s funny because it happens in the ocean and it’s funny because the ocean is unpredictable. To enter the ocean is to enter a world of boundless possibility — you have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen. You might get barreled. You could get eaten by a shark. You could even bump into Julian Wilson in the year of 2007, and he’d be wearing a puka shell necklace. Boundless possibility.

Here we see Eithan Osborne and Stevie Pittman embracing the terror on a SURFING Magazine trip to Samoa (which you’ll be seeing in a forthcoming issue and movie, Teen Age). Eithan and Stevie are about to take a licking, compliments of boundless possibility. It’s surfing, and isn’t it funny?