Happy Ending: Urban Twine

Zeke Lau. Photo: Tony Heff
Photo: Tony Heff

Surf and city rarely meet in the USA.

Sure, there’s San Diego, but the surf there is all suburban. Yeah, there’s San Francisco, but Ocean Beach is kind of its own creature. And OK, there’s New York, but the surf scene there is really just a bunch of bearded dudes riding twin-fins 20 miles from Manhattan. But Honolulu. Oh, Honolulu.

To the average (like, really average), American, it’s the dream. It’s a destination as far-flung as Siberia, as exotic as Atlantis. But to denizens of Oahu, it’s Town. It’s the place to be in the summertime, when south swells are cranking and the Banzai is fast asleep. And, to Zeke Lau, it’s the place to huck an air revo in front of sky-scraping urban wilderness.

It’s the place where surf and city meet.