Happy Ending: The Vicarious Cycle

HE140221-duncan-panama1000The vicarious cycle. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

It’s not fair. There’s a beach in Panama with gorgeous golden sand. Those golden grains create a perfect barrel in the bathtub-warm water and a soft bed on the beach. It’s mostly uncrowded and did we mention how cold the beer is? You could call it paradise and nobody would argue. It’s not fair because this exists and we’re not a part of it. But that’s no reason to fret -- this is a happy ending.

Here we see Creed McTaggart observing his dear friend Jack Freestone. Creed’s enjoying a late afternoon beverage while Jack’s enjoying an afternoon late drop. The hand in the air suggests that Creed is thrilled by Jack’s good fortune. It’s a portrait of secondhand emotion, of vicarious joy. And even though this exists and we’re not a part of it, it’s hard to not to feel that same excitement.

Fair enough.