Happy Ending: The Perfect Mistake

CW_Bocas14_0167 2Yadin Nicol. Photo: Corey Wilson

You’re probably not used to this angle.

To be honest, neither are we. And to be even more honest, this photograph probably wasn’t on purpose. Photographer Corey Wilson went to Panama with Dillon Perillo, Dusty Payne, Oliver Kurtz and Yadin Nicol (pictured here). They went to a small island known for its plump beachbreak and they went in pursuit of your classy water shot — which they got plenty of. You’ll see a full gallery here on surfingmagazine.com on September 8th. But until then, here’s an accident.

Corey wanted to be on the other side of Yadin. Yadin wanted this wave to come in deeper. None of that happened because it’s the ocean — heard of it? — and therefore unpredictable. But it all culminated with the perfect mistake and a unique photo to leer at.