Every day, week and month countless videos from all abilities, all over the globe flood our inboxes. We recognize the hours of production, travel and effort that it takes to release a finished product for the world to see with your name attached to it. So we decided, what better way to put all of these edits on display and give praise to these efforts than to construct our very own video ratings system. A system that will recognize, distinguish, and award the hard-working individuals throughout this flourishing Internet-driven industry of surf filmmaking.

You may have seen these new numbers floating around our website the past month. You may have even checked out the full breakdown of how we came about this system. But it’s time we put rubber to the road and give to you our personal account of all the best videos of the past month – comprehensively categorized within the four tiers of our eminent hog-centric scale.

So dive right in. We stand by our ratings, and hope that these numbers will help inspire and catalyze the progression of surf filmmaking. Whether you’re first, or last, we’ve enjoyed every minute of it all. So keep logging those long nights editing and use any negative comments only as fuel for your future endeavors. –Dayton Silva


Russel Bierke In Bezerke – Editor’s Rating: 90


Untamed Indonesian Perfection – Editor’s Rating: 83

The Best 11 Year Old In The World? – Editor’s Rating: 82

RVCALOHA Part 1 – Editor’s Rating: 81

Kai Hing In Splashing – Editor’s Rating: 81

Australia Desert Dwellings – Editor’s Rating: 78

Lee Wilson’s Indonesian Surprise – Editor’s Rating: 77

High Times In Hawaii With Team Quik – Editor’s Rating: 77


Miggy Goes Off Script – Editor’s Rating: 75

Reef Team Flings Into Hawaii – Editor’s Rating: 74

A French Fall With Vincent Duvignac – Editor’s Rating: 73

Letty Mortenson’s “Disclosed” – Editor’s Rating: 73

Noah Waggy Is Mr. Good Times – Editor’s Rating: 73

Jerome Forrest’s West Oz Reel – Editor’s Rating: 70

Mason Ho’s New Board – Editor’s Rating: 70

Mason Ho and Dillon Perillo Go Looney In Indo – Editor’s Rating: 69

Josh Kerr Ramps In Indo – Editor’s Rating: 68

Filipe X Twin Fin – Editor’s Rating: 67

Matt Pagan Mood In LA County – Editor’s Rating: 65

Central Coast Delights – Editor’s Rating: 65


Cornwall’s Got Game – Editor’s Rating: 63

The Scandalous Dance With Zakary Grey – Editor’s Rating: 60

Chris Zaffis In Oz – Editor’s Rating: 54