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Timmy Curran’s debut album “Word Of Mouth” will be released Sept 9th. Timmy recorded half the album at Studio At The Shore in {{{Malibu}}}, and the second half at a friend and producer Ian Nickus’s home in the Hollywood Hills. It was there that Timmy recorded vocals in a bedroom, drums in the garage, and all other instruments in the living room. Timmy had his friends Andy “The One Man Band” Smith, and Ryan “Lion” Gleason record with him on this album. The album also includes very special guests and friends Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters, Josh Moreau from Hoobastank, and Chauntelle DuPree, from Eisley.

Timmy had been working on this album for about 6 months in between his travels as a professional surfer, and touring his 6 song DennenEP, “Citsuca”. He has had the amazing opportunity in the last two years to open up for the Foo Fighters on 11 shows on their Acoustic Tour. One of the stops included 3 nights at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. He has also played shows with Angels and Airwaves, Switchfoot, Brett , Eisley, Donavon Frankenreiter, and Matt Costa. and has also got to play The BluesFest in Byron Bay, The Falls Festival in Lorne, and Tasmania, and also the Greenroom Festival in Japan. Between all these shows, and surf trips he has managed to finish his debut album “Word Of Mouth”.

Timmy has decided to give away his album as a free download at timmycurran.com. Timmy says “I remember when I was 13 years old and got the movie “Kelly Slater Black & White”. I thought it was so cool that Kelly came on the screen and said “if you like this movie copy it…give it to all your friends…who cares!” For the last 2 years that Timmy has been playing music he has always had the idea of giving the album away in the back of his mind, that is why he decided to call it “Word Of Mouth”. “I feel if something is good and people like it, it always seems to spread by word of mouth”, says Timmy. “The last 3 bands that I really liked I heard about from friends. There is so much great music out there now, whether it be on the radio, MTV, or itunes, but it’s always cool being turned onto good music from a friend. I honestly never would of dreamed I would be playing music, especially singing in front of people. I tried for 10 years and was absolutely horrible. It was one day after a surf contest in Japan when I finally wrote a song that I was comfortable showing some of my friends and family. A lot has happened in the last 2 years, and I feel so blessed to be able to be doing two things that I am equally passionate about.”