Elevens: 11 New Sounds for 2011

Elevens is a series of posts devoted to this smashing new year of ours.

We dispatched our crack team of surf pundits to suss out a preview of the months ahead. Today, we offer 11 bands for your 2011 pre- and post-surf playlists. Maybe even the soundtrack of that video you’re working on. Have a listen.

So, for our Elevens series, I searched through my library and tried to pick some lesser known/lesser rotated artists and side projects of already uber-successful musicians. I will be profiling each of these acts through the next few weeks so you all can get to know them a little better. --Luke Ditella

1 Cage the Elephant: Had two huge singles last year. Although, the songs that were their singles are NOT representative of their catalog whatsoever. One of the wiliest frontmen of any recent band. Reminiscent of the late greats Kurt Cobain and Jay Reatard. I caught their private showcase for their new album that just dropped a few days ago. They blew me away. Their new release is already a No. 1 seller on iTunes. 2011 is their breakout year.

2 The Jim Jones Revue: Bluesy, raw and over-saturated. A great merge of Rock ‘n Roll and straight up Blues.

3 The Parlor Mob: True, blue Rock ‘n Roll. Overly talented musicians. A must listen for 2011. New album to be released this year. [Luke recently interviewed Parlor Mob member side project The Black Jesuses for SURFING.]

4 The 66: Led by a great singer/songwriter. The music is thought out, melodic and perfectly orchestrated. Accompanied by an amazing live show. An amazing mix of psychedelics, folk and Rock ‘n Roll.

5 Rodrigo y Gabriella: A duo, no-vocal guitar outfit. An absolutely amazing listen if you play guitar or like to listen to the intricacies that come along with classic guitar.

6 Hanni el Khatib: A great blues garage sound. A band to watch in 2011. They will be making a huge impact.

7 Mt. Desolation: The side project of members of Mumford and Sons, Keane and The Killers. A folk-based sound infused with Rock ‘n Roll. A great listen.

8 Alberta Cross: A blues rock band from NYC that have been steadily climbing up the ranks of the music industry. Poised for huge things in 2011.

9 Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders: The side project of Taylor Hawkins (drummer of The Foo Fighters). He sings lead vocals and plays the drums. An amazing feat if you’ve ever attempted to play music. Aside from that, Taylor has an amazing voice and is a great songwriter.

10 Jay Reatard: Left our world much to prematurely this past year, Jay Reatard was on the fast track to dominance. As garage rock punk as it can possibly get. Jay’s creativity and unpredictability are easily detected in his music.

11 Iron & Wine– An amazing folk acoustic listen. This is a great band to put on when you want to hole yourself up and be creative in whatever way you chose.

Elevens continues tomorrow with more keen surf insight for the year to come.