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Here's a thought: Why hasn't anyone editing the bajillion Web clips flooding our surf sites made a clip of someone surfing without a surfboard? Like, CGIed or Adobe Premiered that bitch right out from under a surfer's feet? And what would that look like, you ask? Dancing. After all, maybe dancing is just surfing on land and surfing is just dancing on water. And if any of this resonates, then perhaps we've been putting the wrong soundtracks to those bajillion edits. Perhaps we need something we can dance to.

British producer-duo Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland have just the sound we've been searching for, and their band — with up to seven members live — is called Jungle. Jungle is funky and, quite simply, makes you want to move. A cross between Jamiroquai and Poolside, Jungle — replete with gratuitous handclaps, synth horns and falsetto castrato — can pretty much guide you from pre-surf psych-up to post-surf seduction. Or through a dance-off, of course. And maybe that's what we've been doing in the ocean all these years.

Harlem shake, stanky legg, truffle shuffle, moonwalk, electric slide, wave slide…point proved. –Beau Flemister