Sounds: La Luz

La Luz. Photo: Taras
La Luz. Photo: Pete Taras

Apparently La Luz's sound is classified as surf rock. But what the hell is "surf rock," anyway? There are jangly guitar riffs, eerie organ-play and a fair bit of choral ooooo's. But it's not like a synth is cueing shorebreak, wax rubbing on a surfboard or palm trees rustling in the background. It's not like surfers are the ones that even play it. Perhaps it's just a feeling — somehow connected to surf — that this sound evokes.

La Luz is an all-girl four-piece from Seattle. I am almost positive they do not surf with any regularity, if at all. But as destiny would have it, the band arrived to a small club in San Diego after a week of proper winter swell. Indeed, these girls had tapped into something.

And the crowd, too, was charged. They were restless and cheeky, drunk off surf and PBRs, breaking out into nonsensical mini-moshes as the four women played and cooed their surf rock songs. And they sounded: sunny as a summer beach. And: moody as the changing tides. And it didn't matter if they didn't surf much, or at all, in Seattle. Clearly, they have great imaginations and even greater timing. —Beau Flemister