Sounds: Bonde do RolÊ

Bonde do RolÊ
Photo: mad decent

In ancient Greece, Dionysus was the coolest god. He was the god of wine and ritual ecstatic madness, basically the god of ragers. And though Athens had its day, Dio should've been raised in Rio — wine and ritual madness are commonplace there. But location is not enough — every party, even every god, needs some music to set it off. And Bonde do Role's latest album, Tropical/Bacanal, is just the soundtrack for that epic Rio rager. (Bacanal translates to party — and also Bacchus, which is another name for Dionysus.)

Tropical/Bacanal is a type of music known as baile funk, essentially Brazil's version of booty-music. It's a rhythm born in the slums, in the rawest, realest sections of the city. In the pulsing clubs where hips gyrate and bodies grind and sweat drips and bass shakes the rusted tin rooftops. The type of music that fuels the forbidden surra debunda dance (Google it). World-renowned DJ Diplo produced it, too, so you can count on its legitimacy. Or just have a listen for yourself — in a toga, with a Brazo babe, preferably in a slum.—Beau Flemister

Mad Decent, 2012
Listen to: "Kilo"