Sounds: Chrome Sparks

A red neon sign that reads "Salvation" hangs above an eager crowd. Basking in the ruby glow, I stare at the word, mesmerized. Obscure visuals projected on a scuffed wall flash about in the neighboring room. Swaying silhouettes pay the images little mind as they cross the projector's path. A curvy one in particular catches my eye. I wonder what her favorite color is. Just then, a slight, nerdy-looking fellow walks on stage, followed by two others. This is Chrome Sparks? A band? I was expecting a guy in front of a soundboard twisting knobs and flicking switches. Or clicking an iPod nano, for all I know.

But each approaches their respective instruments, quickly says "hello" and gets right to business. Two keyboardists build on familiar melodies — a delicate xylophone, dinging between a thumping bass line — while a lively drummer keeps the pounding beat. The silhouette from earlier has made her way into the room. Her favorite color must be red. Above the band the sign glows brighter. Salvation, indeed. —Noa Emberson