Squalling guitars and rambunctious fits of drumming are the kindling to Tim Casher's lyrical inferno in Cursive's sixth studio album, Mama, I'm Swollen. Don't wanna live in the now, don't wanna know what I know, he wails incessantly like wind swell on the driving opener, "In the Now," before stripping down for the sexually explicit, "From the Hips." The always-bookish lyric references range from Pinocchio and the apocalypse to sex and drugs, religion and mortality -- all interlaced together, forming songs that will burrow into your head until you smoke them out with bourbon on the rocks. --Travis Ferré

SURFING MAGAZINE: YOU GUYS TAKE A BIT OF A HIATUS AFTER EACH ALBUM. WHY IS THAT? TIM CASHER: I think we just want time away to not have the immediate pressure. And to make sure we create something different and unique each time. We don't want to fall into one style. A long time ago we thought we had released enough music that we could do any style we want and it would still sound like us. That's a good feeling.

WAS THERE SOMETHING YOU FELT YOU WANTED TO SAY ON THIS RECORD? Not any more or less than any other record we've done. If you get to a point where you have nothing left to say, that says a lot about you --and especially as a writer that can be really problematic. There's always something to say.

HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE TITLE “MAMA, I'{{{M}}} SWOLLEN”? We chose the word "swollen" because it covers the various themes on the record -- thoughts and ideas about procreation, pregnancy and sexuality. Those bruised and battered aspects of life.

WHAT SORT OF THINGS INFLUENCE YOU? Literature, film and home life -- just the world around us. Civics, really.

YOU WRITE SCREENPLAYS AS WELL, RIGHT? Yeah, it's good practice. It's going really well. It's great to keep motivated and keep myself writing. I'm not really trying to sell them; I'm really just trying to get them made as a director. It's tough looking for someone to do it for less than cheap -- it's definitely difficult.

HOW DO YOU GUYS HANDLE LIFE ON THE ROAD? As long as I've toured it's been half a chore and half awesome. The last three days have been pretty good though, coming through the West Coast.

YOU DID LETTERMAN ON THIS TOUR AS WELL. HOW WAS THAT? Letterman is different. It's really quick. They're very systematic. They shuffle you out there, you do your job and they shuffle you off. You gotta do it right the first time, that's for sure.

WHAT DO YOU GUYS GET UP TO DURING A TOUR? We spend most of the day on the road, just driving. The free time is usually between sound check. We'll just go to restaurants or catch up on sleep. How and where you eat becomes one of the biggest forms of entertainment for the day.

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