Sounds: Darkside

Darkside. Photo: Pascal MontaryDarkside. Photo: Pascal Montary

March IssueNew places are like new planets and this year you will be an astronaut. A barefooted astronaut clutching a 5'10" in wax-stiffened boardshorts with a song in your head. Something moody and lush, layered with cymbals and handclaps, snares and sleigh bells. Something with a little synth and occasional funk riffs that guides your steps down a jungle path like a pulse. The band Darkside will be that pulse.

More mysterious than macabre, Darkside, comprised of electronic wunderkind Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington, is New Year wandering music. Restless, travel-alone music. Renew your passport and take a trip into the jungle music. While you roam in search of empty tubes in front of palm trees, Darkside's newest album, Psychic, will subtly ring from the treetops. The tamborines in "Paper Trails" will cling to your skin like saltwater and as you stroke into a set, the bassline and handclaps of "The Only Shrine I've Seen" will steadily build. You will be barreled, alone and warm, and as the lip crashes beside you, your pulse will beat with a newfound rhythm. --Beau Flemister