Sounds: Here We Go Magic

Here We Go Magic

He was in the crowd, buggin' out to the opening bands. He was one of us. Nobody even knew it was him until he stepped on stage. Luke Temple, lead singer and guitarist of Here We Go Magic, wore a broad-brimmed, felt hat with an old sweat-shirt and ancient leather boots. It was hard to tell whether he looked more like a Balkan peasant farmer or the frontman of an indie band from Williamsburg. Their sound has been described as "psychedelic electro-folk," and that sounds about right. They tore through their first six songs without pause — just blended them all into one manic, fantastic, 20-minute intro. And then Temple took a sip of water or whiskey, let us catch our breath, and got back at it.

Though each member of the band, from the seated giant on drums to the sultry babe on bass, played their part in the well-oiled machine, it was Temple's voice that had the crowd entranced. A cooing falsetto beneath whirlwind riffs and distorted synth. Our time's Paul Simon. His lyrics were strangely familiar, like words deep within our subconscious:

How do I know if I know you?
When you come outclean from the shower
You squeak to the touch and you smell like a flower
How do I know if I know you?

That same song ending with a shameless, lingering myriad of Wooo-hooos. The crowd sang along as well. Because it felt good. Like something we'd forgotten to do a long time ago, until he'd reminded us.—Beau Flemister