Sounds: Juicy J

Sounds: Juicy J

This month in SURFING's East Coast issue, for the Sounds page we featured Juicy J. Musically, he's been a big inspiration for us and throughout the office as Right Coast images flooded in, countless "Trippys!" and "He dids!" echoed loudly in homage. We needed an interview. And Columbia Records got us one, but just a little too late for print. But things happen for a reason, and this is happening right here and right now for you. Academy Award winning rapper/producer Juicy J tells us what would get him in the water, what he thinks about Slater and what artists get him psyched to…sip.

—Beau Flemister

SURFING: Great to meet you, Juicy. The guy on the cover of our newest issue, Blake Jones, is a huge fan and so are we. We were wondering — have you ever gone surfing before?

Juicy J: Have I ever gone what?

S: Gone surfing…surfed.

J: Done what?

S: Surfed. Like on a surfboard, on waves.

J: Ohhh. Nah man. You mean like surfer dudes, huh? Man, I'm a lean "sipper dude," not a surfer dude; I sip. But, you know, surfing's cool. Going to the beach, watching some girls with big double-Ds layin' out. That's cool.

S: Yeah, because we were thinking if Lil Wayne is skateboarding, then we should have Juicy J surfing. We should teach you to surf.

[audio:|titles=Juicy J]

J: Ah man, look — if I could get three hot chicks to teach me to surf, then I will do it.

S: I think we can arrange that, Juicy. We need to get you out to San Clemente.

J: Let's go, let's go. Where ever I got to go to go surfing, man.

[audio:|titles=Juicy J]

S: Awesome, it's a deal then. Do you know who Kelly Slater is?

J: Who?

S: Kelly Slater.

J: Nah, man. Who's that?

S: He's a pretty good surfer. Famous for us…maybe not for you.

J: Never heard of him, man.

S: You like the East Coast more, or do you have more fun on the West Coast?

J: I like the Dirty South. Memphis, man. Memphis, Tennessee.

S: What's groupie life like for you? I mean, pro surfers have groupies, but we imagine you have more.

J: Aww, it's sick. Groupies are sick. I can't complain. They're good, man; groupies are our friends.

S: Who are your musical influences?

J: Man, there's a bunch of them: Barry White, Berry Gordy, David Ruffin, Al Green, Isaac Hayes. All legends.

S: What's an average night like out on the town for you?

J: Man, I don't even know. I get drunk and go to the strip club and just throw money. Who knows what you walk in with and what you walk out with. You never know man, you never know. The next morning you're like, "Damn!"

S: That's wild. Thanks a lot, Juicy. Get out here so we can go surf.

J: I'm on it, get the ladies ready.