It lands somewhere between a pissed off Minus the Bear and a caged up Botch. "I'd say we play intricate and technical music," says Bobby Markos of their sound. "But with a harder edge — that's our formula." Combining the technical guitar skills of an over caffeinated mathematician with bludgeoning drums and shout-out-loud vocal bursts, Native create a sound that is disorienting, spastic and approachable all at the same time. —Travis Ferré

SURFING MAGAZINE: THERE AREN'T MANY BANdS FROM YOUR AREA WHO PLAY YOUR STYLE OF MUSIC, ARE THERE? BOBBY MARKOS: No, not at all. We're from northwest Indiana and there really aren't any other bands like us around here. There's a lot of metal core and death metal, but there isn't really any other — for lack of a better term — indie bands from here.

HOW DO YOU GUYS APPROACH WRITING A SONG? Most of the time it's really spontaneous. There's really no set pattern. We've never written two songs the same way and we like to do it that way so things will stay fresh. We don't like to have repetitive style or a formula in our songs. We want each song to have its own feel and sound.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STUFF TO SOMEONE WHO'S NEVER HEARd YOU? That's really hard to do for us. I've noticed we've played with other bands recently and we'd be eating dinner at the Steak and Shake and people would be like, "Oh you're in a band? What kind?" And the other bands would be like, "We're pop punk," or something easy to grasp. Then they'd ask us and I'd be like, ''Ah, Dammit.'' Then we'd have to bust out like 15 genres they probably didn't understand. But if I was going to use adjectives I would say: loud, spazzy, mathy and indie. If I were to use genres I would use post hardcore and indie.

WHO WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE BANDS TO TOUR WITH? What's my limit of bands? [laughs] We would all love to tour with These Arms are Snakes. That would be beyond us. Oh, and the fact that Chris Common of TAAS is producing our record is freaking us out. Then I would also say Maps and Atlases. And maybe Foals, who are from Oxford, England. It's a bummer too because a lot of our favorite bands are defunct or not touring. Like At the Drive-In would be wild. And Kill Sadie. They were incredible. And our friends' band called Oceans — it wouldn't be perfect without them.

WHAT CAN PEOPLE EXPECT AT YOUR LIVE SHOW? Our philosophy is that when people come to a show, they want a show. If they just wanted to listen, they could go home and listen to a CD. But when they go out, they get to hear and see the music in its rawest form. We put a ton of energy into our live show. And even as we write our new album, we're planning how we can perform it live. It's the most important thing, for sure. When people come to see us they can expect us to put our all into it. It's never going through the motions. We play each show like it's our last.

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