Sounds: Sam Flax

Sam Flax. Photo: Peter TarasSam Flax. Photo: Peter Taras

"All eyes on you! All eyes on you, bitch!" Shouts a massive man dressed in all black, hood pulled over his face to hide his identity. I keep my head down, walking as fast as I can with my sprained left ankle. He is a lion, and I am a wounded antelope. A wounded antelope walking around San Fran's SOMA district late at night, ears still buzzing from the show I'd left just 20 minutes prior.

The band was Sam Flax, who played at Cellspace, an amazing venue in the Mission district- — your classic warehouse turned creative space. Sam Flax began at 1:00 AM and jammed through several songs that are sinking their claws into the surf industry. DC Shoes, for example, used "Another Day" in a recent piece on Craig Anderson. Their sound has definite Aerial Pink inspiration, but what Sam has been able to do is create a vibe that is totally original and refreshing. Post-lo-fi, post-whatever — it's methodical, well played and well executed.

But back to the SOMA. It's moments like this that make me love SF. "The sidewalk holds diamonds like the jewelry store case — they argue, Walk this way, no, walk this way," or so Mr. Oberst once said. Tonight's jewel is this gentleman dressed in black and his four buddies. "Get the f–k out of here, white boy; don't you know where the f–k you are? This the 6th and Mission!" And I limp off toward the sunrise, ears buzzing. —Peter Taras