Well, it's finally done. You read about Ventura aerial maestro Timmy Curran recording his first full-length album in the May Issue of SURFING (Seven Days with Timmy Curran), and now that he's finally done and back from a brief tour in Japan, he gave us a call to lit up the proverbial cigar. —Nathan Myers

SURFING MAGAZINE: So, you just came back from a tour with Donovan in Japan?

TIMMY CURRAN: Yeah, Donovan's big over there. The smallest venue you played was 400 people, and there were two nights at {{{850}}} or {{{900}}}. We played ten shows, which is a huge tour for Japan; most people go out there for two to four. It's rad to see, 'cause surfing is opening up all these surf towns as venues.

How was being on tour with Donovan?

Amazing. My first trip ever out of the country was with Donovan to Costa Rica. Donovan and Todd Holland and a few other guys. Such a fun trip. So to be able to go over for music with him was so cool. I've been to a lot of his shows, saw him play with Jack at the Mint way, back, there's a lot of history with him.

Kinda came full circle?

Yeah. I was in Brazil when I wrote Horses on the Range, and that was the same year I saw him play at the contest for, like, 1,000 or 2,000 people, and I remember writing that song being really inspired by what he was doing. He's definitely an inspiring musician and surfer to me.

How did you know it was time to record a full album?

Once we got those Foo Fighter dates, it kicked me into gear with playing with my friends Ryan Gleason (drums) and Andy Smith (everything else). I had so much fun playing with those guys and playing in the band-style format, I was like, oh my gosh, we gotta record this stuff.

What percentage of the album is new material, and what is re-visits to songs from the Citsuca EP?

There's three songs from the EP, and then we recorded eleven new songs. There's gonna be some B-Sides and stuff, but there'll be ten to twelve songs on the album. Even the old stuff is quite a bit different because of the band. Which is cool, because I definitely want to keep releasing Citsuca EPs — just straight acoustic music.

What's the recording process been like?

It's been really fun. We had a friend of Ryan's let us use their studio in {{{Malibu}}} for a week, so we did half of the songs there. Then the other half was at my friend Ian's house in the Hollywood Hills, where we did the Red West album. It's kind of been a long process — maybe six months now — due to the fact I've been going on surfing trips and we've done some music shows in between, too. I'm gone a lot, so you come back for a couple weeks and try to lay down some tracks and work on it. But we're 95 percent done now. I go in tomorrow to do a couple back-up vocal tracks, and then we're completely done. I'm really excited. But I'm a little nervous, too. You put all this time and effort into recording an album, it's like your baby. It's easy to start over-thinking everything.

Check out myspace.com/timmycurran to listen and download tracks from his most recent releases.