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With a sound that's genuine and honest, The War On Drugs is a band that knows who they are. There is no fuzzy, loud, indistinct guitar noise prevalent in the shoegaze indie rock of today, but rather a tight and clean trade-off between guitar, keyboard and vocals. Think Cold War Kids meets Dire Straits. Their newest album, Lost in the Dream, features songs that work for just about any situation you might find yourself in. It's the score to that sunset solo session on the first day of daylight savings. It's the background music while you work. It's the album that plays the day you realize you're over your ex. Matter of fact, their songs would fit well in a John Hughes film, like The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. While listening, don't be surprised if you feel that at any moment you could get caught mid-jump in a triumphant freeze-frame. This is natural — the credits will roll, shortly. —Joey Estrada