Jake HalsteadJake Halstead finds the right pitch. PHOTO: Taras



The Misfits – “Skulls”

This has been my favorite song for a while. It’s short but, gets me so stoked to surf.



The Adolescents- “Kids Of The Black Hole”

My friend Owen showed me this song. I think it’s the best song for a surf movie. It’s about the band sleeping in an old abandoned hotel and all the stuff that happens.



The Adicts – “Joker In The Pack”

This song is my hands down favorite. I listen to this one before my heats. There’s just something about it that gets me so pumped and kinda mad–which some how makes me surf well.



The Distillers- “The Young Crazed Peeling”

My girlfriend got me into this girl. She’s pretty bad ass and this song is super catchy. I just love her voice, it’s raw and sounds sick.



Agent Orange – “Everything Turns Grey”

This song is sick. I just heard it not to long ago and I really like it. It almost sounds like old school surf music but more punk. I don’t like rap. I think it’s fake music. I like punk and rock n’ roll because that the only real music where a band makes it, not a rapper making beats on a computer. There’s not real music anymore. People are getting brain washed by fake music. It’s just gay.



Jake HalsteadPHOTO: Sherm

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