Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

Jamie Parkhurst

My taste in music throughout my life has been eclectic to say the least. I try not to get caught in the music trends that come and go. There is some awful music pissing through the airwaves these days. But as these fads will come and go talent is timeless, and here are a few that never seem to get old.

Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos”

Robin Pecknold’s voice is amazing. He reminds me of Jesus, and I’d imagine if Jesus could sing, he’d sound like this.

Benoit Pioulard – “Shouting Distance”

Benoit Pioulard, aka: Thomas Meluch is an American born, multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist genius.

Beach House – “Walk in the Park”

It’s people like Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally who give me hope for music’s future. They really allow you to appreciate their talent in a way not many others can. They are amazing. As long as I never see another awful “dub step” remix of one of their songs as long as I live I will be happy.

Deer Tick – “Piece by Piece and Frame by Frame”

Indie-Folk-ie- whatever, Rhode Islands greatest export since….. well, yeah.

Yeasayer – “Wait for the Wintertime”

Yeasayer is great. The All Hour Cymbals album is their best work. Complex layered greatness. Unfortunately, similar to Animal Collective, Black Mountain, and even Arcade Fire, their latest album really didn’t do it for me.

The National – “Anyones Ghost”

The National is your life, the part that you’d sometimes rather not think about. Heavy, raw and borderline depressing, but damn it’s good.

The Black Dahlia Murder – “What a horrible night to have a curse”

These guys are the shit. As you can see if you watch the video, they don’t take themselves too seriously like some other metal weirdos. It’s hard to even comprehend how crazy these guys are, the drummer is going like 100mph. You can’t hate it. This ones for you.

Hopefully you like these songs, or hate them.