Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

Oliver Kurtz

Wow, when asked to narrow your music interests down to 10 songs or less it’s always a heavy task, especially when hundreds of people are going to be scrutinizing every song. This list took me 8 hours to make and finally I narrowed it down into to just eight songs. I am OBSESSED with electronic music but I feel like nowadays it’s too overplayed and the majority get over it. Below is a list of classics from the last couple of decades.

Hope you Enjoy, Oliver-

Tensnake – “Coma Cat”

This track is one of my all time favorites. I literally listen to this song everyday. It fits every mood: Driving to the beach, hangin’ in your room, or even trying to seduce a women. The steel drums percussion’s are something that will take away anger from the economy or that car that just cut you off. ?

Sleigh Bells – “Kids”

I was lucky enough to go see Sleigh Bells last week in Miami and they blew my socks off. The song “Kids” is another versatile song that can be listened to at any point throughout the day, even a pre-surf psych up. (I think Julian Wilson used it in his new movie)

The Refused – “Liberation Frequency”

The Refused are one of my all time favorite bands. Some people label me as only listening to trendy electronic bands and so forth which is far from the truth. I was raised on punk and reminds me of growing up and surfing with my brother. This whole album rocked the world and soon after “The Shape of Punk to Come” released, Taylor Steele used two songs in ‘Momentum: Under the Influence’.

Blue Oyster Cult – “Transmaniacon MC”

This track is pure fucking rock. When this song comes onto the radio, local dive bar, dads garage playlist or Vh1 Greatest Hits, it sends shivers down your spine. The guys from Blue Oyster Cult are geniuses and this is a masterpiece.

Division of Laura Lee – “Black City”

Like the Refused, Division of Laura Lee slaughtered it with this one. Pretty much the song we all listened to when we were teenagers pissed off at the world. Great to put on if your looking at the waves, it’s cold, your wettie is soaking and its onshore. Press play, pull your finger out and go for a surf.

The Hollies – “Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress”

Not gonna lie, I think I was conceived to this song! I thank my dad for turning me onto this jam. Groovy lyrics, funky bass line, good for an late evening play, accompanied by a coldy.

Editors – “Munich”

The first time I heard Munich, it confused me. I had it on loop for hours. I realized this song is so addicting. Just as fast as it comes, the song goes. There is an urgency, like you have 15 minutes to get to a place that’s 30 minutes away. Great for crowded city situations.

Crystal Castles – “Suffocation”

Okay okay, I gave into my cravings. I promised I wouldn’t but I had to. Alice (the lead singer) has so much raw energy it’s absurd. DJ’s can play this song in a pumping club, or it can suit a video part in basically any section. Just listen….