A Discussion On Style

SHfact2015day31520Photo: Scotty Hammonds

This impromptu discussion happened at The Factory in Bali while SURFING's editors kept the tapes rolling. This is not a formal interview, but, rather, a natural conversation that arose on our trip.

Date: May 22
Time: 6:09 p.m.
Place: The Factory Villa
People: Zander (Editor), Eric Geiselman and Jacob Vanderwork (Filmer)
Subject: Style Guide

We're gathered around filmer Jacob Vanderwork's computer for the evening ritual of looking over clips. Every day, the guys review their tape. Nothing is hoarded. Nothing is hidden. In a few hours, today's cocktail will leave Jacob's computer and be gulped down by the world when our daily edit goes live.

Zander: Eric, has it been cool surfing with all these guys so far? It's a diverse group.

Eric: Yeah, it's a sick mixture. I would say my brother has more form than Yago, but Yago smokes him in the air. And Yadin has been surfing insane.

SHfact2015day52737Photo: Scotty Hammonds

Jacob: Yago does good carves too, though. When I was home [San Clemente] everyone would talk shit on that kid about how he can't do carves, because they'd watch edits of him and be jealous, you know. But that carve that he did today was so sick.

[Jacob replays said frontside hack from Uluwatu]

SHfact2015day63942Photo: Scotty Hammonds

Eric: That was so formed out! The funny thing is, there are so many different styles of surfing, but we all pretty much do the same stuff. There are only a handful of maneuvers that we can execute. It's so weird.

Jacob: How good is Dane [Reynolds'] style though?

Eric: So good. I think he's still the best. I know guys are more consistent, but he is still the best.

Jacob: I filmed with him for a week and a half straight in Europe.

Eric: Were you baffled?

Jacob: Every session he would have the biggest shocker ever. It was so funny to watch. He could barely stand up one day. I didn't believe it was Dane Reynolds. And then he'd get a good wave and blow everyone away.

Eric: Did he ever have meltdowns?

Jacob: No, he'd just come in and laugh and say, 'I couldn't even stand up.' He'd just laugh about it. He's so cool. Not like you, Eric [laughing].

SHfact2015day42137Photo: Scotty Hammonds

Eric: My ass is having meltdowns this trip.

Jacob: Nah, you were landing flips, dude.

Eric: I had a couple moments. I was rattled on that good day. Everything was going wrong for me. I'd be waiting an hour for a set and then I'd go and either get chandeliered or burned. I was like, is this for real? I kept trying that one f–king move. And I was so close.

Zander: The inverted, full rotation alley oop thing?

Eric: Dude, if I get it I'll be so happy. The first one I ever tried that day, I almost made it.

Jacob: The one that you stomped on the lip and then fell?

All Photos: Corey Wilson

Photo: Corey Wilson

This morning Eric paddled into a wave at Keramas and called out a Bruce Irons straight air as he was standing up. 15 feet down the line he launched 6-feet, landed perfectly, but didn't ride out. It would have been the air of the trip.

Eric: Yeah, I fell out of the lip and then got blown up. If the wave didn't blow up I would have had it. Straight airs are super hard for some reason.

Zander: I'm surprised your tail didn't break.

Eric: I didn't really try to stomp it. It just seemed like the wave was barreling, but then you look at the footage and it was actually so perfect to land. F–k. I landed light, I should've stomped it.

BALI_2015_2577Photo: Corey Wilson