There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to organizing a surf trip. There’s figuring out where to go. Next is figuring out where to stay. Then there’s the dilemma of who to take/who can go. And let us tell you, juggling the schedules of eight professionals surfers is no easy task.

So the sheer fact that we made it to Western Australia for the 2016 SURFING Factory with Yadin Nicol, Balaram Stack, Noah Wegrich, Josh Moniz, Parker Coffin, Noa Deane, Ian Crane and Matt Banting was a feat in itself. But the three weeks that followed? Ahh, those days were magical. Crisp mornings, long days in the desert, cold beers and amazing company. Oh, and did we mention the waves we got? Superb.

So please, indulge in the above compilation – a blending of parts from all eight surfers that took part in the madness that was the SURFING Factory 2016.