Factory Strike: Desert Point

Sometimes the good life gets old. Sometimes you have to leave your five-star beachfront villa and in-house gourmet chef and massages in your room and fun waves straight out front in order to grow. Sometimes you have to be like the young Buddha and wander outside of the palace walls to see all that the world has to offer. Like lurching through rough seas on a creaking, deathtrap ferry and sleeping in a sweatbox shack on a deserted beach. Like deep reef cuts and shitting into a smelly hole in the ground. Like eating sketchy noodle bowls and then making (several) emergency return trips to that same smelly hole in the ground. And that's exactly what we did. And we were rewarded for our curiosity with some of the longest barrels any of us had ever seen. And for the first time on our trip, no one did a single air. Instead, we meditated deep inside the endless spinning vortex of the longest, most beautiful blue waves until, eventually, we reached enlightenment. And then we hightailed it back to our villa to watch the latest season of Game Of Thrones, eat pancakes and upload the above edit of Chippa Wilson and Conner Coffin getting obscenely barreled for your enjoyment. Behold, the final chapter of The Factory: Bali. But you can just call it "nirvana." –Leo Maxam