SURFING Union: Dylan Roberts

Age: 23
Years shooting: 5
Preferred camera equipment: RED
Current residence: Sunshine Coast, Australia
Social: @dylroberts

These days it's not surprising when you hear a high-level creator like Dylan Roberts is only 23 years old. What is surprising, however, is Dylan's appreciation for the profundity of life. Rather than create surf porn that reeks of ADD-riddled youth, Dylan chooses to focus on more expressive pieces of work. Through his cinematography, Dylan attempts to "convey insight into the people and places I've discovered along the way. I strive to create inspiration for people to get out there and get creative." While Dylan has a list of impressive peers, his enlightened approach places him in a more mature category of filmmakers. If youthful wisdom isn't already a term, Dylan just made it one.

Along with Dylan’s work in Jack Freestone’s latest profile movie with SURFING (seen above), here are a few others: