What a cheery fella, that Andrew!

It’s pretty amazing how many talented cinematographers exist in the surfing world.

To be honest, it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. Take Andrew Schooner for example. Last year, he helped create the film The Dill and Beeg Project. It was widely acclaimed as a fantastic digital feature, but a few weeks later, it was all but overshadowed by the next talented filmmaker and his crew of crafty wavesliders.

We didn’t forget about Andrew though. He’s too damn good. That’s why we jumped at the chance to release his never-before-seen outtake clip from TDABP, and, while we were at it, we decided to give him a call and see what’s going on in his world. Care to find out?

Interview by Michael Ciaramella

SURFING: What’s the deal with the edit you just released? Why wasn’t it used in Dill and Beeg?
Andrew Schoener: This edit was shot about a year ago when Yadin and I went to Costa Rica to shoot this wedge. He had previously surfed it during the filming of Lost Atlas and wanted to go back. We ended up getting it way better than they did for Lost Atlas, so it worked out well.
While editing for Dill and Beeg, we started putting all our footage together and this footage didn’t seem to work with the whole film. We ended up putting it to the side and the footage just kind of got forgotten about until now.

S: What have you been up to this year?
AS: I’ve been filming for a new surf movie that should come out very soon (I can’t give out any more info on that one ;-)). Other than that I have been shooting almost all commercial gigs with clients including: Adidas, Stussy, Billabong, Lance, and Lands End. Now that summer is coming to an end I will be getting back to shooting more surfing. I have been filming with Dane for his own projects and recently been shooting with Dill & Beeg for separate projects as well. Hopefully this winter will be as consistent as last year!

Dillon is hoping this winter is a little more gentle, for the sake of his boards.

S: Any new toys?
AS: Yes! I have just bought a new RED Scarlet-W along with some new lenses and also a new 16mm film camera for some of my own projects.

S: If you could go anywhere with anyone, who and where would you choose? Why?
AS: If I could go anywhere I would love to go to South Oz with Yades and Taj to film the slabs around there. I’ve always wanted to go and I feel like they would be two of the best to go with.

S: Who is your favorite filmmaker and why?
AS: Favorite filmmaker would have to be Joe G. Before I even got started I would watch his movies over and over. I remember having to buy a second copy of :Secret Machine” because I watched it to many times and it didn’t work anymore. He just has his own original style and concepts which can be hard to achieve in surfing.

Turns out Andrew’s unique style is a Volcom x Porsche colab.