SURFING’s Best Videos Of 2015 – With lenses made of rose

With lenses made of rose

Mick Fanning got attacked by a shark. Matt Meola landed a…something. Kelly Slater fake retired, and a built a real wave pool. 2015 was a weird year for surfing.

But the point of this post isn’t to talk about the weird — it’s talk about the good. The great. The phenomenal, or at least the stuff that’s going to make you want to drop everything and go surfing. We looked back at all the videos we produced in 2015 and hand-picked our favorites for that cause.

The first one, which you see above, is Filipe Toledo’s Spinning At The Speed Of Now. It isn’t necessarily free — isn’t that the case with most fine things in life? — but you can buy it here. The other nine will cost you nothing besides whatever productive thing you had planned for the afternoon — like we said, the point of all this is to inspire a good surf.

#2 Teahupo’o Du Ciel: One of the world’s heaviest waves as seen from the sky.

#3 Ryan Callinan, Performance Guy: A short profile on the 2016 WCTer.

#4 Factory Part, Eric Geiselman: Just press play.

#5 Hawaii, Du Ciel: Same idea as Teahupo’o, but on the North Shore.

#6 2015 Grom Games: The future of surfing meets Kandui.

#7 Bright Side, Episode 2: A collection of clips from the 2015 North Shore season.

#8 Labor Day at Lowers: CTers gonna CT.

#9 Yago Dora in Hawaii: Airs and airs.

#10 Home Away From Home: Hawaii never looked better.