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Twiggy Baker finds solitude in South Africa

We’ve been going up the West coast of Africa for around 10 years now, checking out a lot of different areas between Cape Town and Northern Namibia and that’s where we found this gem of a beachbreak. 

When I say we, its mostly Ant Fox, Kate Lovemore-Baker and myself going on these trips. In the past, we’d take another surfer we trust, but those guys are getting harder and harder to find and some other waves have become crowded recently because people can’t follow the code of, “Don’t show anyone else how to get here”.

So, these days, I prefer doing it with the two people I trust the most even if it means having to surf alone. We found this spot along a desolate piece of coastline with not many people and no surfers. Its cold, sharky, carefully guarded by the diamond corporations and fickle as hell, but when it turns on its all worth it. And, sometimes, a good solo surf is the most fulfilling thing ever.

Over the years I’ve slowly managed to map out the coastline and narrow it down to what I believe are spots with good surf potential. Now, its just a matter of going back to those same spots when it looks like the conditions are aligning.

That’s what happened with this particular beachbreak. We knew a lot of our go-to spots would be cooking, but took a chance at something new and absolutely scored — with no other surfers for a hundred miles in any direction. We had only the strong offshore wind and perfect barrels as our companion.

Kate has become an amazing filmer over the years, and she gets the shot even with her basic equipment. I can only imagine the images we could have gotten if she had some top level gear.

I don’t trust any photographer more then Foxy to be in the right place at the right time, and our partnership over the past 10 years has been fruitful to say the least — he’s much more then just a photographer. He’s an amazing friend.  

My retirement is coming fast, but I can see myself traversing this coastline with Kate and my new baby in tow for many years. Together we’ll continue to look for and discover new unsurfed waves like this one, and we’ll never tell another soul how to get there.

—Grant “Twiggy” Baker

All photos by Ant Fox

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