A parent should never have to choose which child is their favorite - but I’m not ready to a be a dad just yet and I’m pretty sure diapers are like, super expensive. So for now, I’ll leave that mantra on the shelf and give to you what we over here at SURFING deemed as the five best airs from the 2015 WSL season. Yes, it’s been a wild one - and with a total of six world title contenders touching gloves before Pipe (take note, Ronda), the grand finale couldn’t be more delicately tee’d up. So before the big finish, take this aerial tour down memory road and dine on these five amazing flights, batched together in one delightful scroll.

Filipe Toledo, Oi Rio Pro
Passion, embodied. It was in the Final, it was a 10, and it was done by a man who, at the time, could do no wrong. When Filipe Toledo is hot, he’s white hot, and this rotation to the flats lit a fire under his 2015 campaign.

Gabriel Medina, Quiksilver Pro France
He won the event, but not before giving everyone heart eyes with this massive backside spin. It was a reminder of the Medina that won the crown last year, and a clutch performance from the Medina that could possibly win it this year.

Josh Kerr, Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Ahh, progression! Don’t it go down smooth? Kerrzy gifted us with this textbook frontside stalefish with loft in Round 1 and it was very much appreciated.

Filipe Toledo, Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Are you surprised that Filipe’s name is on this list twice? Well, to be quite honest, you shouldn’t be. Because with fang like we see in the above 10 pointer from Peniche, it should seem about right. Fil tapped into some kinda’ fifth gear on this wave and went on to win this Final, but not before this…

Italo Ferreira, Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Oh, Italo. Your innocent stumble onto the 2015 tour turned into more of a raging charge after every event - and Portugal was no exception. This backside flight was in the Final against Filipe while Ferreira was in a combo situation. With the gift of another chip-shot like this, that event win could’ve just as easily been I-dawg’s (now accepting nickname submissions).