Goodbye, Dear Road – The last leg of an RV adventure

The last leg of an RV adventure

Day6_1All Photos: Hammonds

It’s kind of cold up here. But a good kind of cold. The right kind of cold.

The long and sometimes winding roads of the West Coast took us all the way to the Pacific Northwest. Ah, the PNW — a land of tall trees and foggy hills and recreational marijuana vehicles. It’s a charming place indeed. Espsecially when the waves look like this.


And this (that’s Oliver Kurtz).


And sometimes this (that’s Damien Hobgood).


There has been no shortage of surf up here, and no shortage of diversity either. As you see in the photos above, the waves have been everything from slabbing to…well, slabbing but in that beachbreak kind of way. Kerrzy left the RV for a bit. Then he came back. Then Damo left. Then Oliver Kurtz came up. Then everybody left — but a lot of good things happened in between. You’ve been scrolling through a taste of those good things via the photos that decorate this post. See more of them in an upcoming issue of SURFING Magazine and watch them move in an edit dropping on our site. Until then…

“Yeah, babe. We’re actually on our way back now…”